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Deborah Shubert

Our Chef Deborah Shubert:

Deborah Shubert, the chef/owner of Decidedly Better, a gourmet fresh, catering and cooking class service, has been working in the professional food world for over twenty years.

An MFA and many years experience in the industry give Ms. Shubert’s approach a creative edge when it comes to blending flavors, as well as in the exquisite presentation of her delectable creations.

Over the last ten years, Ms. Shubert has also honed her expertise in creative menus for clients with special dietary needs.

She covers the nutritional gamut from vegetarian and vegan, gluten free for people suffering from Celiac disease or gluten intolerance, to dairy-free for lactose intolerance, low fat and low sugar recipes for those with high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.

Working with nutritionists, Deborah creates menus and meals that support the immune system for cancer patients.

Best of all is her use of fresh, natural ingredients and flavorful combinations – you’ll never even think about how healthy your meals are while you are enjoying them!

…but don’t worry – she hasn’t given up butter!